Here we start our first official blog article. We would like to share the recent happenings at Techzaade first. We have upgraded our website from a multi-page website to single page website recently. The decision came after a few observations. The first question was are we satisfied with a regular website as an IT Company. The answer was no. We find it non-artistic. We have space and any information can be fed. Neither had we wanted it that way nor our visitors. After all it is our online office. We started asking basic questions.


Q1. Is information the only purpose of our website?

–          We found our clients & visitors are smart, they are aware of basics of web services they are looking for. For detailed information they ask us or they do search. But not websites of IT companies. After all nobody comes to your office to read information instead they want solution. So we decided to cut down the content.


Q2. Can we convey the message through one page?

–          Well, designing a one page website was a challenge. The idea of one page website is artistic in itself. We started thinking like a prospect and reduced content. A prospect looking for solution will look for whether you provide such service or not and similar projects if done. Moreover it could be difficult if there are too many things. We can’t ignore the “first impression is the last impression” thing.


Q3. What would a prospect think about us after seeing website of Techzaade?

–          The first impression we wanted was to feel the difference with Techzaade. Our website is not an information centre. It is our office on internet, it has an address. We want to keep it spacious, creative, live and vibrant. With that idea of single page website was getting more strength.

Though the single page website for an IT firm is seen less but we tried to keep things simple. A minimalist site decision should come after answering basic questions like these. The questions may be different for your business. We would share more about single page website in subsequent blog.