What are some of the obvious bonuses derived by using Linux?

1. Far faster booting and shutdowns.

2. Your PC/laptop will run cooler as the code is so much more efficient.

3. Never have to defrag your drive.

4. Never have to deal with anti-virus/spyware software.

5. Never have to see advertising or some company prodding you to buy their software.

6. Use all the common web browsers you’re already used to: FireFox, Opera, Chrome, etc., plus have access to many great browsers you’ve never even heard of.

7. Have the ability to tailor the O/S you want based on the age of the machine you own. Take old laptops and PCs and bring new life to them again.

8. Have updates done efficiently and under “one roof” using the package manager instead of all these disparate, nagging reminders to update your app each time you fire it up.


No spyware, no nagware, no problems, and it never bogs down like Windows always does month after month.

If you want Microsoft snooping into your life, just for the convenience of using an operating system you’re used to, fine by me. But if you’re sick and tired of their shell game and slow performance, maybe it’s time you spent an hour or so getting onto the best kept secret out there… Linux. After using Linux, you’ll kick yourself for sticking with Windows for this long.