We are working on a project called Tifin Today. The concept will simplify finding home cooked food or tiffin service near you on one hand, and on the other hand it will give opportunity to people to venture into food business.

What it is?

The website (www.tiffintoday.com) – Tiffin Service in Ahmedabad is a portal to promote home cooked food across India. The website is to connect people who can make food to people who like to have different type of home cooked food or different cuisines. The food cooked at home can be easily listed on website and sold to buyer looking for the similar food on a particular day. The website searches tiffin service based on area. The search shows a seller from near to distant area to a buyer’s area. The website neither charges registration fee from seller nor takes online payment from buyer. The website is a little help for the people who can cook food, people having cooking as hobby or interest and people who want to venture into food related business. They can earn through website by selling food. Eventually increasing food option for home cooked food lovers.

Why it is?

Today if somebody is looking for home cooked or tiffin service in Ahmedabad he would get a routine kind of combo food having roti, sabzi, daal, rice, salad. The sabzi and dal might change on daily basis but cuisine is unlikely to change. This situation is also because it is expensive to venture into food business in cities like Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Surat etc. A lot of fixed cost is incurred and affects business. In that situation when somebody tries new or different food it has small market initially. Many a times that makes it impractical attempt for business. People having potential find it difficult to survive in the market. If a platform like Tiffin Today is available for people to sell their food, one can easily sell home cooked food in a cost effective way. The website is free of cost.

How it works?

As a seller – One has to register on tiffintoday.com and set location in tiffin service setup section in the Seller panel. With this any buyer would be able to find the seller according to the area. A seller has to mention what all food he/she is going to provide in their tiffin and for how many people it is. Seller can decide price on their food as well as delivery charges if any. This is about seller setup.

In short a seller have to just list the food item, wait for the order, cook when order is received, deliver at mutually decided time and take cash on delivery. All a seller need to do is to list and wait for order initially.

As a buyer – One has to write the area name and city in the search bar on homepage of tiffin today. For eg. Navrangpura, Ahmedabad or name of the city only like Mumbai. The search will show all the tiffin service providers near to buyer. The google map based location search make it easy to find home cooked food near you.

What’s the difference ?

Unlike other website who have contact information of tiffin service providers Tiffin Today provides a seller panel to a tiffin service provider where they can manage their business as well as edit what they are offering on a particular day. It will be easy to sell home cooked food through Tiffin Today.

For a person who is looking for tiffin service provider near him/her can simply search by area name. Food can be ordered online or one can call tiffin service provider over phone and finalize the order.