Where there is sale, there is customer.  Recently I was browsing leather wallet in Diwali preview deal by Snapdeal. Though my current wallet is in fair condition, I couldn’t ignore sale and that too online sale. I downloaded Snapdeal mobile app, as they say App offers more than website. After browsing more than ten wallets I finalized one wallet. When I proceeded to pay I was shown a message that if I used Freecharge wallet I would get some cashback. I downloaded Freecharge wallet app. Before payment a thought came in mind which wallet should I have. A physical wallet or a virtual..!!

We are surrounded by service provider’s apps and their wallets. Everybody is trying to woo us by something extra or discount. The payment which use to be straight has different stations. The new virtual wallet which came from the bucks kept in my leather wallet is now challenging it. In fact it is buying it. The new wallet app has no weight unlike leather wallet. I can have multiple wallets to gain more benefits. It doesn’t create discomfort in sitting as well. But there are a few things like driving license and credit/debit card for which I have to have a regular wallet. Before I could say yes I need it, I recalled digital wallet introduced by Government of India. The digital wallet could store all our documents images and producing docs from that wallet is valid. Do I still need wallet, the question popped up again?

Wallet App Post BlogThis is impact of Digital India. It has impact on simple purchases. Gradually there will be paradigm shift. The commonly used saying “jeb halka karna” will be history. Our digital wallets won’t give us same feeling though it will do the same thing. They are slimmer and light weighted. There is competition among smartphone manufacturers to make it slimmer and lighter. More than all these physical attributes this will help #DigitalIndia initiative of India. As more people starts using virtual wallets benefits will increase and costs will come down. Good thing is you don’t have to remember where you had spent the money unlike your regular wallet because virtual wallet app maintains record. I have dropped the plan to buy a new wallet. Let me find virtual wallet apps with more benefits.