26 days, 1.6 crore customers a world record by Reliance Jio. A lesson has been created by Jio team. Amazing thing is 100% KYC complaint and Aadhar linked with no aid of back office. No expenditure on machine to dispense SIM. Nothing extravagant has been done. Simple use of mobile technology and trust over its retailers across India. 1 mobile application, aadhar card no. and finger scanner made it.

Usually when we go to buy a new SIM retailers give a form to fill up. That filled up form goes to Telecom Company’s back office for activation and compliance check. Jio did reverse of it. They instructed their retailers how to activate SIM with mobile application and Aadhar Card. With such a simplified process the activation process could take only 10 mins.

World Record by Reliance Jio

World Record by Reliance Jio

Meanwhile there had been issues of shortage of SIM in the market, calls not connecting to other telcos numbers. But these couldn’t derail the Digital India mission of Reliance Jio.

My retailer was a boy who sold me a SIM in Rs. 300. I preferred it over Reliance stores to avoid long queues. The retailer couldn’t define what KYC means but could perform activation process through mobile app smoothly as instructed to him. With so many wallets and e-commerce sites people didn’t require mobile shops. There were less crowded compare to 5 years back. With Reliance Jio people are back to the stores, asking for SIM and activating.

Queues outside Jio stores were reduced by empowering retailers with help of mobile technology. Summing it all a world record is created. Although this is just a start, an amazing start for Reliance Jio.